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EV specialist warns: Electric vehicles in majority by 2030

  • Battery-car survey throws up surprises
  • Conventional automakers ‘should be worried”
  • Pure-electric models preferred purchases

LONDON, England – “Only five percent of people driving battery cars would ever go back to a conventional car.” That’s the conclusion of what claims to be the most comprehensive clean energy/electric vehicle survey yet conducted.

The UK survey of battery-car drivers and ”cleantech” enthusiasts (7723 respondents) has calculated that 90% of plug-in car drivers would never go back to petrol or diesel.

After eight years and 380 episodes, Robert Llewellyn’s ‘Fully Charged’ (claims to be the world’s most popular clean energy and electric vehicle channel) received nearly 8000 responses to its first, 50-question, online survey of cars which could dominate the roads by 2030.


Llewellyn commented: “I’ve been banging on about electric cars, solar panels and batteries for a decade.


”We weren’t surprised that so many people said they would not go back to a combustion engine – which might shock those have yet to switch. Surprising was that two-thirds of our audience intend buy an EV in the next two  years.”

Though the channel focuses on battery cars about two-thirds of responders were not EV owners – but they do plan to join the movement. Most want a purely electric vehicle, others a hybrid fossil-fuel/battery model.

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Llewellyn added: ”This, combined with the fact that ‘the shift to electric vehicles’ means 87.67% of respondents could choose a different brand to those they have historically preferred, might concern automakers which are yet to offer a credible line-up of such models.”


The survey also found the principal issue discouraging potential EV buyers was neither the lack of attractive options nor the lack of charging infrastructure. Rather, it was the perceived cost (33%) and used (15%).

”This,”  Llewellyn said, ”despite their much lower running costs and increasingly competitiveness of their total cost of ownership.


“We’ve maintained that simply because they have better technology EV’s will become mainstream – as borne out by our survey. Having driven every electric car from the Tesla Model 3 to VW’s hotly-anticipated I.D., I can honestly say there’s a really cool choice for almost every budget.

”We at Fully Charged are working hard to help people to understand how easy it is to live with an EV.”

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