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Suzuki a market leader through 2018 – now comes Boosterjet

  • Brand now member of 1000-a-month club
  • Boosterjet engines green-lighted for 2019
  • Suzuki sales soar, by Jiminy (and others!)
2019 SUZUKI JIMNY: Image: Suzuki SA
2019 SUZUKI JIMNY: Image: Suzuki SA

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa- After a decade back in South Africa and with the success of the Jimny, Ignis and Swift, Suzuki is now officially part of the 1000-sales-a-month club and a Top 10 brand to boot.

Official data for December 2018 and a final calculation of that full year sales the National Association for Automobile Manufacturers’ statistics confirmed that Suzuki sold 12 123 units in 2018 and grew by well over 30% through a year in which the general market declined by one percent.


André Venter, divisional manager for sales and marketing at Suzuki Auto SA, told The Corner:“We’re particularly proud that most sales – 9375 were through dealers so our growth is thanks to private buyers.

“We will, for 2019, continue to strengthen our dealer network and our product line-up. We are particularly excited to that we will get our Boosterjet turbocharged engines in 2019.”

2019 SUZUKI SWIFT: Image: Suzuki SA
2019 SUZUKI SWIFT: Image: Suzuki SA

The first will be in the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport and capable of 103kW and 230Nm and, Suzuki claims, can make 6.1 litres/100 km.

Suzuki will also upgrade or improve its Vitara, Ertiga and Ciaz while working to increase the availability of vehicles with a long waiting list, such as the Jimny.

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