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Hyundai Kona wins yet another top auto title

  • Launched in South Africa in 2018
  • Top US judges praise Kona with top award
  • French judges chimed in with prestige Red Dot
HYUNDAI KONA: Another style trophy for the Korean automaker's corporate mantlepiece.. Image: Hyundai Korea
2018 HYUNDAI KONA: Another style trophy for the Korean automaker’s corporate mantlepiece. Image: Hyundai Korea

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng -The Hyundai Kona and Kona Electric CUV have together won the 2019 North American ‘Utility Vehicle of the Year’ style title awarded by a US jury of senior American motoring journalists.

It’s the first time an Hyundai Crossover Utility Vehicle has won this ‘Ute of the Year’ trophy, announced at the January 2019 Detroit auto show. The judges, as with South Africa’s Car of the Year, are top motoring journalists and analysts based in the US and Canada.

The Kona, launched only recently in South Africa, is also a candidate for the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists 2019 contest, the results of which will be announced in April.

The Kona has also won a French design award, recognised ”the elegant and expressive appearance of Hyundai Motor’s first sub-compact SUV”.

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”The French IF (International Forum) Design Award is,” according to a media release from Hyundai, ”an arbiter of quality and one of the most important design awards.

”It’s been made every year since 1953, the candidates chosen from around the world and judged for their outstanding design.”

It was also won in 2015 by the Hyundai i20, in 2016 (it was re-launched in South Africa in 2018) by the Hyundai Tucson SUV, and in 2017 by the Hyundai i30.

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Early in 2018 the Kona also received a Red Dot design award – one of the most renowned international design and innovation prizes and recognised for ”outstanding design and innovation”.

The Kona was launched in South Africa in October 2018 in two derivatives with different engines and gearboxes. The Kona 1.0 T-GDI Executive (manual) enters the local market at R379 900, the Kona 2.0 NU Executive (automatic) at R399 900.

Each is front-wheel driven. The 1-litre turbo-engine delivers its power via a six-speed manual gearbox, the two-litre has a six-speed autobox, manual is an option.

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