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Used tyres: The hemp of the US auto industry

  • Millions of used tyre recycled
  • Landfill crisis prompts tyre recycling
  • Five out of six tyres shredded for re-use

AN INFOGRAPHIC from Bridjit Kerb Ramps has been created to show what happens to used tyres once they’re taken off a passenger vehicle.

Since keeping old tyres out of landfills has always been important to them, the team at Bridjit Kerb Ramps  did some research to see just how many discarded car tyres in the United States are re-purposed.

The answer, according to data from the US’ Rubber Manufacturers Association, is an amazing five out of six.

John Curry, Bridjit’s president, told The Corner in a media release: “Reducing the number of tyres dumped in landfills has always been my goal so I’m pleased to share that the industry has taken steps to reduce their footprint.

“Currently (January 2019) 86% of disposed tyres are recycled and used to make fuel or shredded to crumbed rubber, a product with many applications.


It’s reported that there about 233-million used passenger vehicle tyres are collected each year. The infographic details the ways 206-million of them are re-purposed:

• More than 60% are shredded and added, for instances, to fuels for cement kilns, industrial boilers.

• Almost 30% are broken down to crumbed rubber which becomes a key ingredient for playground surfaces, truck-bed liners, rubber hoses, road bases and Bridjit kerb ramps.

• Because scrap tyres are readily available and cheap they are used in engineering projects, as insulation, and as drains

• The remainder become part of non-specified projects, refurbishing, or retreading and exporting.


Curry added: “Like many industries, people in the tyre business are doing their part to reduce waste and pollution. Tyre-makers have even started using more plant-sourced oils and reducing emissions during the production process – all really good news.”

The graphic also reminds drivers that weekly tyre maintenance improves fuel-efficiency and tyre life. See the graphic here. 

Bridjit Curb (American spelling of kerb) Ramps bridge the gap between street and a rolled kerb to prevent vehicle misalignment and front end damage – ”the green solution to kerb problems”.

Find out more here.

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