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Zanardi looks ahead with realistic expectations

LONDON, England – Despite losing both legs in a crash 17 years earlier Alex Zanardi jokes that ”I have both feet firmly planted” when it comes to expectations for this weekend’s (Jan 26 2019) 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race.

Zanardi, now 52, is back and racing against some of motorsports best 17 years after an horrific accident(V) during a 2001 Indy Car race in Germany nearly cost him his life. He says he’s ”removed the limits on what’s possible”.

ALEX ZANARDI; Still racing - without legs- at age 52. Image: Facebook
ALEX ZANARDI: Still racing – without legs- at age 52. Image: Facebook

He was T-boned by Canadian Alex Tagliani at close to 350km/h.

He’s now, at 52, a dreamer who, according to the Reuters feature, ”appears not to be weighed down by anything other than gravity”.

READ THE full Reuters feature here

He told Reuters in an interview: “We all have expectations but sometimes the greatest thing is to be surprised with what happens and to find out that it is quite different from the way you imagined it.

”I try – pardon the expression – to stay with my feet on the ground.

“I know this (Daytona)  is a great opportunity from a personal point of view but also, where other people have expectations, they have invested a lot of resources, a lot of effort, in preparing for this event.”

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