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Renault’s new electric Zoe: ‘It’s a fun-to-drive four-door’

  • Renault’s battery Zoe S Edition completes line-up
  • Units feature Bose stereo, rear camera
  • ‘One of most-affordable battery-driven cars
RENAULT ZOE: Image: Renault
RENAULT ZOE: Image: Renault

LONDON, England – French automaker Renault has introduced a range-topping model for its Zoe range – the Zoe S Edition – to replace the Signature Nav model.

The company says the cars bring a lot of equipment for a modest premium over the Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav and that deliveries will start in April 2019.

Renault describes the small cars as ”a fun to drive five-door, five-seater that is practical and affordable”.

RENAULT ZOE: Image: Renault
RENAULT ZOE: Image: Renault

”Its trim aligns the Zoe with the rest of the simplified range of Renault cars,”its maker says, ”and ensures it continues to offer a simple choice with strong value to customers.”

Additional equipment includes Bose stereo with DAB radio and a rear parking camera. All upholstery is leather/cloth, that for the driver with  lumbar adjustment.

The Zoe S Edition offers a choice of 16” Black Shadow alloy wheel rims, or there’s a free upgrade to 17” Black Optemic alloy rims.

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The latest models will continue to have a hands-free keycard, rear parking sensors, auto-on wipers and lights, aircon and leather around the steerin- wheel and shifter knob.

Standard also are four power windows and power/heated external mirrors, voice-controlled satnav and an embedded tablet with a 19cm touchscreen in the centre console.


Other features are connected services that take communication between smartphone and car ”to another level” with remote charging, charge monitoring and pre-conditioning (the driver/owner can pre-set the cabin temperature.

The Renault Zoe S Edition will be priced (direct conversion from sterling) from about R338 000, including the UK battery car grant.

Customers can lease a battery (R1032pm) or buy the car outright.


Two motors are available in either the Zoe Dynamique Nav or the Zoe S Edition. The Q90 Quick Charge motor allows for faster battery charging, from 0-80% in 65 minutes with a 43 kWh charger.

The R110 motor has an extra 14kW and better road performance with potential ranges of at least 200km, depending on weather, and Renault UK will throw in  free seven kW wall-box charger.

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