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Smart new battery-charger: It knows when to stop…

SMART CHARGER: CTEK’s CT5 Time to Go battery charger. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – CTEK’s CT5 Time to Go battery charger brings timing to a chore: it provides a reading for roughly how long it will be before the recharge is complete.

The clue is in the charger’s branding – a ‘Try’ function in the progressive series of lights will show when the battery is sufficiently charged for an attempt to start the engine.

It’s said to ”take the guesswork” out of the equation – perhaps suggesting you have time for breakfast before the charge is done.


Smart electronics in the CT5 Time to Go will also detect when polarity has been inadvertently reversed (negative lead to positive terminal, or vice-versa); it also won’t spart when being connected or disconnected.

Time To Go is fully automatic so can be connected to a battery indefinitely if a vehicle is laid up, or perhaps left at home during a family holiday, and won’t over- or under-charge.

It’s also able to recondition a badly depleted battery by increasing the charge rate progressively or be used as a battery maintainer through ‘Care’ mode.


Enertec’s Brett Kable told The Corner in a media release: “The CT5 Time to Go has moved the charging game forward, adding a level of convenience and practicality to the industry. German magazine Autobild chose it as the overall winner of a 14-way charger ”shoot-out” for its 448 points out of a possible 500.”

  • The testing was carried out by GTÜ, an independent testing organisation.

Features and benefits:

Five-amp charging rate.
Works with all lead-acid batteries; 12V, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, GEL.
Built-in charge voltage temperature matched to ambient temperature.
Battery capacity range from 20 to 160Ah.
Five-year warranty.

Recommended price: R2220. Contact Enertec on +27 (0)87 807 7760 or click here for information or to find a dealer. Or Google the product for alternative prices.

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