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Bridgestone gets fresh grip on Battlax off-road bike tyres

  • More tread means better grip and traction
  • Four front, five rear, sizes for now – in stores February
  • Designed purely for off-road touring
GET OUT THERE! Perhaps on a new range of Battlax off-road motorcycle tyres. Image: Supplied
GET OUT THERE! Perhaps on a new range of Bridgestone Battlax off-road motorcycle tyres. Image: Supplied / Carman’s Corner

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Bridgestone has announced a range of Battlax AdventureCross AX41 motorcycle tyres to its off-road touring range of rubber.

The tyremaker claims superior off-road performance and durability for the knobblies which were released in the US and Canada in January 2019 and should be in South Africa through February 2019.

The first deliveries should include four front and five rear tyre-sizes.


”The Battlax AdventureCross AX41 tyre,” Bridgestone told The Corner in a media release, ”was designed predominantly for off-road riding. Their superior off-road performance comes from having a high-rigidity compound as well as large blocks on their perimeter for traction on mud.

”The front tyres use new technology (undefined in the media release, ask your dealer…) that optimises the block wall angle for added durability.”

However, The Corner was told, the tyres have a block cross-section 30 percent wider than previous products – which should translate to more grip and traction and even wear across the tread and thus durability.

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