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First look: Smart lights for the 2019 new Opel Corsa

  • Battery-electric model will lead model charge
  • Vauxhall (Opel) takes EV motoring mainstream
  • Tech shines light on Vauxhall’s new best-seller
2019 OPEL CORSA: A glance at what is to come. Image: Opel Motors
2019 OPEL CORSA: A glance at what is to come. Image: Opel Motors

LUTON, England – Vauxhall (Opel in South Africa) has released the teaser image above of the all-new Corsa which, the automaker believes, will be one of the most anticipated new cars to reach showrooms through 2019.

This the fifth interation of the smallish family car will come with diode self-adjusting headlights and a battery electric model – in support of conventional engines – will be in the range in Europe.

The smart headlights will have self-adapting, glare-free full-LED headlights. Previously seen on Astra and Insignia, Vauxhall’s pioneering glare-free lighting – IntelliLux LED Matrix – is technology usually only found in premium cars.


The glare-free matrix headlights, one of which is visible in the teaser image, automatically and continuously adapt to traffic conditions – a feature first seen on Mercedes products some years ago. Approaching traffic and vehicles ahead are simply “cut out” of the spread of illumination.

Glare is minimised and drivers of the new Corsa should enjoy ”optimum vision” ahead.

Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s group MD, told The Corner in a media release: “Britain’s oldest car brand (since 1903), has always been known for cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.

”The Corsa will doing double by adding electric drive to the UK’s best-known small car and adding lighting technology normally only found in premium cars.”

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The UK arm of Opel will start taking orders later in 2019 for the new Corsa and for the  Grandland X plug-in hybrid.

The Corsa, Vauxhall says, has been the brand’s best-selling car for many years:  2.1 -million in the UK since 1993.

”British buyers are familiar with its name and looks,” the automaker says, ”and have a fondness for its compact size and cabin – another 13.5-million have been sold across Europe.”

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