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Top new Mini Cooper Works: 220kW, aero kit, hot wheels

  • Limited run on John Cooper’s upcoming Mini
  • Most powerful engine yet fitted to the cars
  • 60 years on, and Mini just keeps on evolving
2019 Mini Cooper
LOOKING THE PART: The 2019 Mini John Cooper Works GP will come with well-tested aerodynamics. Image: John Cooper Works

MUNICH, Germany – The next Mini John Cooper Works GP will soon be available worldwide, yet again intended for, its maker says, ”the hearts and minds of a performance-orientated target group”.

Bad news, then, that only 3000 will be assembled.

This the new top model in the range will have a turbo’d four-cylinder, 220kW, engine and be the fastest and most powerful Mini yet specified for road use.

2019 Mini Cooper
SPECIAL WHEELS:  Track or road, they’ll look great on the 2019 Mini John Cooper Works GP. Image: John Cooper Works

The cars were first promised during the September 2017 Frankfurt auto show when the concept , equipped with large front and rear aprons, a roof spoiler and the extensive use of light materials.


Production units are at present (Feb 2019) being run on racetracks to test their suspension, units developed specifically for this car, its engine, its aero properties and weight.

The Nürburgring-Nordschleife lap time achieved by the predecessor of the coming units was, its maker says, 8min23 faster than many sport-dedicated cars from more-expensive segments of the market.

”In the hands of Formula 1 designer John Cooper,” the company claims, ”the classic Mini of the 1960’s has matured to become a small, but fast, racing machine that regularly beats the big players at their own game.”

Think three wins from the winter Monte Carlo Rally

The predecessor of the upcoming Mini John Cooper Works GP was produced in a limited edition of 2000 cars – as indeed was the Mini Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP kit which came out back in 2006. Each has become a collector’s car.

Thomas Giuliani, boss for product and launches at Mini, told The Corner in a media release: “The fastest (production) Mini in our 60-year brand history is an expression of racing passion.

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“We’re well aware of the enormous fascination exercised by the Works GP, not just for the euphoric reactions to the concept vehicle but also from experience. Every unit of its predecessors was sold out before the market launch.”

One wonder, perhaps, then why was there a launch…?

2019 Mini Cooper
NO COMPROMISE ON THE EXHAUST SYSTEM: The 2019 Mini John Cooper Works GP is capable of 220kW. Image: John Cooper Works

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