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Renault Koleos: SA brand flagship gets 2019 makeover

  • Renault’s top-end Koleos about to hit SA showrooms
  • Three models, two of them with all-wheel drive
  • One engine, a powerful 2.5 petrol with auto available
2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault
2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault

PARIS, France – Renault says the latest version of its top-end Koleos SUV  ”is the embodiment of Renault’s new design language with its distinctive styling” Take a look – there’s no argument from The Corner.

In fact Laurens van den Acker, the brand’s design boss, told us in a media release: “It completes the styling renaissance of the Renault range that began with the Clio in 2012. The challenge was to imagine an SUV not only elegant but also dynamic and modern.

”So, instead of diluting the traits traditionally associated with an SUV, for 2019 we accentuated the segment’s familiar cues with taut, powerful, horizontal lines, along with muscular haunches and high ground clearance.

2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault
2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault

”Now the Koleos exudes an inner strength – every centimetre an SUV and every centimetre a Renault, its dynamic stance emphasised by large alloy wheel rims (up to 18”) and, at 1.68m, a low roof-line.”


Being an SUV, however, doesn’t deter decoration… bright chromed grille embellishment is claimed to extend the bonnet; at the rear the lights wrap over the rear wings ”to enhance its solid stance”.

C-shaped day lights extend beyond the headlights. The buyer has a choice of ‘Pure Vision; diode main and dipped beams 20% more powerful than halogen equivalents. The rear lights – permanently lit – are said to generate a clear, bright, 3D effect visible from near or far and amplify the SUV’s width of 1.84m and point to the Renault diamond logo.

2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault
2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault

The driving position ensures excellent visibility, an important feature for SUV buyers.
The high, wide, upright, tee-shaped dashboard exudes an impression of strength and a reassuring sensation of protection.


…there’s a large, vertical, central info display (up to 22cm) supported by a centre console which also carries the all-wheel drive transmission contros. Grab handles remind that the SUV is also a capable off-roader.

Renaualt says it has used ”robust, quality, materials to meet the high expectations of customers… such as satin-chromed inserts on the steering-wheel, gear-shifter and aircon vents. Leather upholstery and leather-clad armrests carry contrast stitching. A cool touch is the chiller/heater function of the front passenger’s cupholder.

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The front seats have what Renault describes as ”an enveloping design;; beneath which is variable-density foam. The claim is they are the biggest in the SUV class and come with (some models) six-way power adjustment and lumbar adjustment and the twixt-seats console can be moved front/back by up to 80mm.

The Koleos’ doors claim to be among the widest in class (front doors: closed, they protect the sills from soiling and so prevent passengers clothing during entry and exit.

The 464-litre boot includes a removable floor, level with the sill, under which resides the full-size spare wheel and boot volume can be increased to 1795 litres by folding the rear seats. Another 35 litres exists around the cabin, including an 11-litre glove box and seven-litre cubby console cubby.

2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault
2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault

Passenger safety? Well, Renault’s info pack tells of a five-star Euro NCAP rating earned with ”a plethora of features to ensure both passive and active protection for driver and passengers, among them: six crash-bags, some self-adjusting to accommodate the adjusted distance of the seat, distance sensor to reach to the possibility of a lateral impact, and a crash-belt reminder.

More features include cornering foul-weather lights, self-dimming rearview mirror, blind-spot warning, parking assistance and off-road capability ”compatible with everyday use”.

Ground clearance has been increased to 21cm – ”one of the indjustry’s highest”  – and approach and departe angles are, respectively, 19 and 26 degrees.

2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault
2019 RENAULT KOLEOS: Image; Renault

The permanent all-wheel drive system monitors grip and supplies torque as needed with the driver having a choice of front-wheel 2WD, 4WD AUTO, or locked differential. Up to 50%  can be sent to the rear wheels if necessary.

Advanced CVT Transmission

X-Tronic automatic transmission was designed to deliver greater driving enjoyment and reduced fuel consumption compared with conventional automatic transmissions.

Its benefits range from instant response when accelerating rapidly, to a smoother, quitter ride and optimised fuel consumption at constant speeds.


There are two trim levels – Expression and Dynamique – and the whole package is moved by a 126kW/233Nm 2.5-litre petrol engine and, as with all Renault vehicles, the SUV’s will be covered by a five-year or 150 000km mechanical warranty, five-year or 90 000km service plan, and a six-year ”no rust-through” warranty.

Service intervals 15 000km.


The Renault Koleos Range offers three derivatives –
Koleos Expression 2.5 CVT 4×2 – R399 900
Koleos Dynamique 2.5 CVT 4×2 – R439 900
Koleos Dynamique 2.5 CVT 4×4 – R479 900

Metallic Paint – R 2522
Power adjustable leather upholstery  (Expression) R12 000

Sales will commence on February 18 2019.

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