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Mad Max to hit Pendine Sands for double speed record

  • He’s done it on a motorcycle, now for a car
  • Historic Welsh beach to be the track
  • 895kW on call for epic high-speed Porsche run
Pendine Sands record bid
READY FOR A RECORD: Special wheels and tyres  – and a much rebuilt engine -were required to maintain record-breaking speed in the Porsche. Image: Newspress.

PENDINE SANDS, Wales – Record-setting car and motorcycle pilot Zef Eisenberg and his MadMax Race Team have a new target: at least 320km/h along the vast tidal expanse of Pendine Sands in South Wales.

The beach was once described as “the finest natural speedway imaginable”.

Eisenberg, over the weekend of April 6/7 2019, wants to become what is believed to the first rider/driver to achieve a British land-speed record on bike and car within a year.

Pendine Sands record bid
READY FOR A RECORD: Special wheels and tyres were required to maintain record-breaking speed in the Porsche. Image: Newspress. 

The goal is to hit at least 320km/h in an 895kW  special, but road-legal, Porsche 911 Turbo S on the packed, smooth, sand. The attempt will take place on Pendine Sands in South Wales.


The motorcycle speed was set in May 2018 when Eisenberg became the first person to exceed 320km/h on the sands with a wheel-driven vehicle – a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa.

That was less than two years after surviving a 370km/h motorcycle crash which put him in hospital for three months and in a wheelchare for another three.

He’s set a number of records since then….  an ACU-sanctioned flying quarter-mile, flying kilometre and flying mile, with his MadMax supercharged, much modified, Hayabusa.

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This ‘twin’ record attempt, however, required special MadMax Race Team modifications.

“I’m well known for setting records on bikes,” Eisenberg said, “so people started asking me ‘why not cars?’.”

Meticulous research was needed but the 2015, 410kW, Porsche 911 Turbo S needed much more power – at least 750kW – to overcome sand-slip and resistance.


The MadMax team took a 4.2-litre Porsche Motorsport engine and added stronger internals, upgraded turbos, a new fuel system, and advanced cooling.  To cope with such extreme output the gearbox and clutch required an extensive upgrade and the brakes and suspension were modified to accept a change in wheels/tyres.

Apart from a full FIA roll cage, competition seats, and a safety harness, the Porsche’s interior is standard.

The car will be driven to the venue, along the record route, then back to a restaurant for lunch.

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