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Euro parliament pushing for external speed-limit control

  • Speed-limit signs recognition will auto-slow vehicles
  • ‘No choice’ threatened by Euro autocrats
  • Sudden slowing could cause chain disasters

LONDON, England – Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is urging governments across Europe to support mandatory Intelligent Speed Assistance in all new vehicles from 2022.

Speeding, according to a European Transport Safety Report published on February 18 2019, continued to be significant in overall road safety. ”Excessive and inappropriate speed,” it says, accounts for about one-third of fatal collisions and is an aggravating factor in most collisions.”

Estimates show that this single measure of adopting mandatory ISA in all new cars would eventually reduce road deaths by 20%.


Figures released today by the European Transport Safety Council show:

• On urban roads (37% of all road deaths) 35-75% of vehicle speed checks were higher than legal.
• On rural roads (55% of road deaths), nine to 63% of vehicle were speeding.
• On motorways (eight percent of road deaths) 23-59% of observed vehicles were speeding.

The European Parliament will vote on Thursday (Feb 21 2019) on future mandatory in-vehicle safety technology amid concerns that the less effective ‘Speed Limit Information’ system may be adopted to placate automakers.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth told The Corner in a media release: “We know that while reducing speeding will need a combination of measures – among them stricter enforcement, better infrastructure and credible speed limits – experts have singled out Intelligent Speed Assistance as the single most effective way to tackle the problem.


“That is why we’ve joined other road-safety groups to urge the European Parliament’s internal market committee to ensure ISA will be mandatory in all new cars from 2022.

“Whatever Brexit (Britain leaving the European Common Market) arrangement is decided, we have a commitment from British Prime Minister Theresa May that UK and EU regulatory standards ‘will remain substantially similar in future’.”

NOTE: Intelligent Speed Assistance reads and alerts drivers to speed-limit signs and automatically limits the vehicle’s speed (which The Corner believes, could lead to chains of freeway crashes as vehicle after vehicle suddenly slows).

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