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Here’s a lesson for South Africa about criminal road users

LONDON, England – British Road-safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist has asked courts across Britain to get tough on drivers and riders who accumulate 12 penalty points on their licences.

The call came as a further example emerged of a driver who successfully invoked the ”exceptional hardship” excuse to persuade magistrates that he should be allowed to continue driving.

Andrew Prangell was convicted in February 2019 for failing to give information about a van driver in connection with alleged offences committed during 2018. He received six points for each count, but escaped a driving ban by invoking the UK’s ”exceptional hardship” plea.


Nearly 11 000 people in Britain, according to statistics released in October 2018, are still driving despite exceeding the 12-points limit that is supposed to lead to an instant driving ban.

GEM said: “A driving ban should be inevitable for anyone who has managed to tot up 12 penalty points. It takes a particularly careless, thoughtless, or reckless person to reach that and their disregard for the law makes them a grave danger to other road-users.”

There are, The Corner believes, lessons to be learned from this here in South Africa.


GEM added: “The time for drivers to consider the consequences of a ban should come long before they find themselves with the prospect of 12 points.

”Of course a ban will cause considerable hardship but courts need to think more about other road users endangered when such high-risk drivers are allowed to continue driving.”

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