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Commuting crisis: You think it was bad this morning…!

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Projections suggest that by 2037 it could take six hours to commute between Johannesburg and Pretoria – if no more highways are built.

Whether such a projection will turn out to be true is really irrelevant – what counts is now and there’s no doubt that the increasing road population has outstripped projections of 20 years ago.

Much of it can be blamed – certainly in Cape Town – on utterly inadequate public transport – bus and train. In 1990, for instance, the road from Table View to the city centre was a two-lane country road. Now its a four-lane highway with two bus lanes and still the traffic is strangled.


All of which combines to increase the incidence of collisions and pedestrian injuries and deaths.

MasterDrive’s MD Eugene Herbert told The Corner: “Additional time in traffic increases frustration which in turn can result in reckless driving. Drivers reduce following distance to block ”push-in” events which in turn creates what has come to be called road rage.

The consequences can be fatal.


Use mobile phone/in-car computer apps that direct traffic to less-busy routes or an advise how long your usual route is likely to take – which means you can calculate when to leave home.

Apps to help avoid traffic

Google Maps
Radio-station traffic reports

Herbert adds: “Many modern cars have technology which automatically stops the engine when the vehicle stops – which, in heavy traffic, should save big bucks on fuel – calculations suggest an eight-percent saving

“Eliminating all traffic is impossible but using technology can reduce frustration, save money, and improve road safety.”.

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