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Manual or auto? Which does better on resale?

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Vehicle resale is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a car, according to motoring sales expert Darryl Jacobson – but but which holds its resale value better… manual or auto?

True Price, a start-up company in South Africa which has all the data necessary to give owners/sellers/buyers free evaluations, has embarked on a study whose data is expected to be released in May or June 2019.

First to be evaluated, Jacobson says, were luxury sedans…


“We decided this because automatics are very popular in that market – but what happens when you want to sell the car?”

So, True Price selected two luxury sedans, a BMW 3 Series and an Audi A4, then extrapolated all the data on its system (tens of thousands of vehicle sales) and compared the price paid at auction (as a percentage of the original list price) for foth transmissions.

The results, Jacobson said, ”were fascinating”.

The BMW 3 Series auto automatic achieved 40.8% of the original list price on auction, the manual 33.7%. The Audi A4 autos averaged 46.2% of the original list price, the manuals 36.0%.


Conclusion from the exercise? If you can afford a luxury car, buy the automatic version. You’ll get proportionately more for it when it’s time to say goodbye.

If you want to establish the value of your vehicle got to and request a free evaluation.

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