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Comment: The killer culture of disobeying road laws

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Three teenagers were killed and another seriously injured in kwaZulu-Natal when a taxi driver ran a red light and mowed them down as they crossed the road.

The local people reported that taxis were often driven recklessly in the area; unfortunately that’s true in many parts of South Africa – a national pandemic – but it is becoming the norm with many ordinary people, too.

The managing director of MasterDrive SA, Eugene Herbert, commented to The Corner: ”Many drivers in South Africa treat road regulations as suggestions rather than rules to drive by.

”Most drivers automatically assume only taxi drivers break the law and, I admit, they’re often culprits. Yet they are not the only ones at fault: not coming to a complete stop at stop signs, driving left of yellow, and not giving way to pedestrians are all rules that many disobey daily.


“After an incident as horrifying and tragic as that in KZN every driver should reassess his or her own driving and question how many times they disobey or ignore a road rule/sign.

”South Africa has a culture of breaking the law because other drivers do – and get away with it.”

They should, instead, play their role in developing safer roads.


“Every driver needs to commit to driving defensively, courteously and within the law. It is time for South African drivers to create a culture of safe driving.

”Let’s not let the deaths of three young people have no worth: instead, let it be powerful motivation to every driver to change their behaviour.”

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