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Honda US shows the way in fuel-consumption table

  • Honda best for fleet fuel average – 8 litres/100km
  • Fleet average CO2 emissions also lowest – 302 g/mi
  • More economy-based VW products on way
GOVERNMENT DATA: Honda has topped the 2017 American fuel-consumption table. Image: Honda US
GOVERNMENT DATA: Honda topped the 2017 American fuel-consumption table. Image: Honda US

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia – Honda has been ranked by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most fuel-efficient automaker in America.

Its report and the 2017 table above reached The Corner today (March 8 2019) and points out that Honda in that year had the best fleet average fuel economy and least CO2 emissions of any major automaker in that model year.

The 2019 EPA Automotive Trends Report ranked Honda first with a US  fleet average fuel consumption of of eight litres/100km, a five-year improvement and better than the industry average.


Similarly, Honda’s fleet-average CO2 emissions reached an industry low of 302g/mile, an improvement of 36g/mile from 2012 results and 55g/mile better than (below) the industry average for the 2017 model year.

Robert Bienenfeld, Honda America’s assistant vice-president for energy and environmental policy, said in a media release: ”Honda is proud to play a leading role in the move toward a more efficient, low- emissions, future… encouraging to see the industry a making significant gains, despite low fuel prices and the market trend toward trucks (bakkies) and SUVs.

“A lot of work is still to be done but, with record sales and production of Honda electrified vehicles – and more planned – were committed to continuíng our fuel economy performance.”


Globally, Honda intends by 2030 to make two-thirds of its automobile sales electric vehicles and is, the company says, making substantial investments towards this. Among the vehicles will be the current Insight and Accord hybrids, along with the Acura MDX Sport hybrid and Acura NSX hybrid supercar.

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