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First Aston Martin SUV tested on Swedish ice

    Tough cold environment testing for Aston Martin’s first SUV
    Pull youtube video address from newspress feature
    Dynamics team continues to develop handling of the DBX
HOT CAR, COLD TESTING: Aston Martin’s DBX, the brand’s first SUV, has been chewing up the ice and snow in Sweden during cold-weather testing. Image: Aston Martin

GAYDON, England – The Aston Martin DBX – the British luxury marque’s first SUV – has undergone an intensive week of development testing at Pirelli’s Swedish facility close to the Arctic Circle.

The Flurheden Proving Ground has a range of extreme environments from snowy roads to ice-handling courses which were used by Aston Martin’s vehicle dynamics specialists, led by chief engineer Matt Becker, to rack the DBX.

Becker said: “The DBX needs to be ready for a wide range of multi-terrain surfaces so, as well as day-to-day situations we need to test it in extreme conditions, especially its sure-footedness on low-grip surfaces.

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”This car propels Aston Martin into a new segment. Our engineering team is enjoying the challenges of developing a quality luxury SUV experience through this robust testing schedule.

”I’m confident that we will deliver over and above our customers’ expectations.”

The DBX will go into prototype build in mid-2019, full production will start in 2020.

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