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Electric avalanche: VW plans 70 battery models, plant clean-ups

  • Almost 70 new electric models by 2028 – 50 were planned
  • Comprehensive decarbonization program for the Volkswagen Group signed off
  • Volkswagen aiming for fully CO2-neutral balance by 2050
DR HERBERT DIESS: CEO of Volkswagen AG details VW’s plans to slash CO2 emissions not only in its vehicles but also at its plants. Image: VW

WOLFSBURG, Germany – The VW Group says it is forging ahead with fundamental change to individual mobility and will ”systematically align” with electric drives.

To achieve this the automaker is planning 70 new electric models for production through the coming decade – only 50 had previously been planned which means the projected vehicle build on the group’s electric platforms  will increase from 15-million to 22-million.

VW has also signed-off on a  CO2-neutral balance all areas from fleet through production to administration by 2050, the company saying ”we’re fully committed to Paris climate targets”.


Dr  Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG, told The Corner: “VW is taking responsibility for key trends – particularly in connection with climate protection. We will align production to CO2 neutrality. That will be our contribution to limiting global warming – individual mobility that’s safer, cleaner and fully connected.”

The 2025 target is to reduce VW vehicles’ CO2  footprint by 30% compared to 2015.

”Looking further ahead,” he added, ”solid-state batteries have great potential. The goal is to enable an industrial level of production with this technology.”

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CO2 emissions at all plants will be halved by 2025 compared with 2010, helped by converting the Wolfsburg plan’s coal-fired power station to gas from 2023. Sister company Audi’s production activities at its Brussels plant are already CO2-neutral.

VW will also have install installed 400 fast-charge stations along Europe’s major roads and highways by 2020 and Elli (Electric Life), VW’s new subsidiary, will offer wall boxes for home charging at home and 3500 charging points on employee car parks at all plants with further charging opportunities at dealers.

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