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Ford and Waze: Upgraded system for satnav and fun

UPDATE FOR FORDS: The Waze satnav and info system on later Ford vehicles has been updated for South Africa. Image: Ford SA

PRETORIA, Gauteng – Waze users in South Africa can now project the app’s real-time traffic and navigation service onto the touch screen in Ford vehicles via SYNC® 3 AppLink® and control it through voice command.

This, the automaker says, allows easier access to features – one of them finding the quickest traffic route and reporting traffic incidents.

”The driver or front passenger,” Ford says, ”simply connects a Waze-equipped phone to their Ford’s USB port, selects the Waze app on the SYNC app drawer, and views the service displayed on the car’s touch screen.

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”With Ford SYNC 3, users can now access the app’s features on a larger display and select a feature’s functionality by voice.

Ford’s SA’s Doreen Mashanini told The Corner: ”We’re excited to be able to enhance the experience for our customers in South Africa, with Ford SYNC® 3 through AppLink.”

Waze uses crowdsourcing to gather information about road conditions from all of its users. Users simply type in their destination and drive with the app open to contribute data to Waze’s community of users.

”At the same time,” Ford says, ”people can take a more active role by sharing reports from the road, including warning of collisions or perhaps previously unknown route changes.”

Here’s how Ford owners can used Wayz:

To access Waze on AppLink in your SYNC 3-equipped vehicle update your SYNC 3 software from he Ford website. Please visit for complete software update instructions and to learn more about Ford’s award-winning in-car infotainment.

If using an iPhone, you’ll need iOS 11.3 or above and the latest version of the Waze app  downloaded on your phone.  Users with Android devices will need Android 5.0 or above.

Apple Car Play and Android Auto are fully supported across all SYNC 3-equipped Ford vehicles.

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