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BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe on way for 2020

MUNICH, Germany – BMW is planning a four-door 2 Series Gran Coupe.

The brand’s CEO, Harald Krüger, has confirmed production of a premium four-door which will be punted to urban target groups and be shown at the November 2019 Los Angeles auto ahead of a projected early 2020 launch.

BMW told The Corner in a media release the car would set standards in individuality, aesthetics and emotion in the premium compact segment with emotive design, sportiness, and innovative operation and connectivity technology.

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”The 2 Series Gran Coupe,” BMW said, ”will offer the ideal requirement to attract new target groups. We already have a unique and unmatched range of compact models for various requirements and target groups.

”It will build on the latest BMW front-wheel drive architecture and share a multitude of technological developments with the new BMW 1 Series, another car to be presented during 2019.

”The Gran Coupe was conceived as a global offering that addresses people who prefer a sophisticated design and a self-assured look in the compact segment.”

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