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Book review (of sorts): ‘A Cat to Kill For’

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – At times we here at Carman’s Corner get tired of editing feature about cars and motorcycles and motorsport so… here’s a punt for a book.

About cars… A Cat to Kill For

Gavin Campbell runs a small and struggling classic car dealership in the historic village of Watkins Glen, New York. When he goes to look at an old Jaguar E-type for a client he senses that there’s something unusual about the car.

THRILLER FOR CAR FANS: Cover of a new book set in famous Watkin's Glen. Image: Supplied
THRILLER FOR CAR FANS: Cover of a new book set in famous Watkin’s Glen. Image: Supplied

He also senses that there’s something very unusual about the client’s sister, Emily, who has come along with him.

And so the mystery begins…


With the car in his workshop and awaiting restoration Gavin learns that the owner has died in what appears to be an accident but he’s suspicious about the death, particularly as a mysterious stranger seems desperate to buy the car.

Emily also thinks her brother was murdered so she and Gavin join forces to investigate.

A quirky romance develops between them as he and Emily, who’s affected by Asperger’s syndrome, infiltrate a car club and play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse among its snobbish – and potentially murderous – members.


We haven’t received a copy for review but if you’ve found a copy in a South African bookshop, drop us a line on Facebook. But the media release comments:

”If you like captivating adventure, eccentric characters, and a healthy dose of romantic comedy you’re sure to enjoy this mystery.”

A Cat to Kill For by Greg Miller
ISBN: 9781787114098
UPC: 6-36847-01409-4

Some hints, however…

  • An intriguing murder mystery set in the world of classic cars
    Gavin: a chivalrous, old-fashioned kind of guy, and a keen car enthusiast …
  • … and Emily: a quirky young woman with Asperger’s who together investigate the mystery but with a touch of humour and romantic comedy
  • Their search for the murderer among  members of a car club is full of suspense and thrills
  • Set in scenic upstate New York, where Gavin’s dealership in Watkins Glen provides the perfect base
  • A white-knuckle ride of a story, full of twists and turns
  • The coloúrful cast of suspects will have readers guessing right up to the end
  • A warm-hearted mystery, that will appeal to both murder mystery fans and classic car enthusiasts

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