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Trading in? Check here for the best vehicle re-sale stars


  • Buying used? Take some advice from an expert
  • Here’s why these are the top 10 resellers
  • 10 of the best according to auction data
RENAULT KWID: Top of the pops when it comes to holding resale value. Image: Supplied
RENAULT KWID: Top of the pops when it comes to holding resale value. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – In the market for a (new) car but worried about its resale/trade-in value a few years down the road? Well, here’s a guide, and for starters here’s the model with the best resale value in the image above.

It’s Renault’s Kwid – but click on the green links for more images and information.

This is, at least the determination of Darryl Jacobson, former mogul in the South African auto business and now, in his later years, managing director of True Price.

DARRYL JACOBSON: Hard at work checking his data at a WesBank vehicle auction. Image: Facebook
DARRYL JACOBSON: Hard at work checking his data at a WesBank vehicle auction. Image: Facebook

The company has assembled data from thousands of vehicles sold at auction and uses that data to provide free vehicle evaluations to people in the market for a car change. He says: “Analysis revealed interesting findings. We analysed all our data and came up a Top 10.”


The list is based on prices achieved at auction and calculated on the percentage of original selling price achieved at such events.

Jacobson stressed to The Corner that resale value is essential when buying a new car: “Depreciation is one of the – eventual – greatest expense of car ownership – it is vital to take resale value into consideration before signing a new-vehicle deal.”

Assuming you follow Jacobson’s advice these are the cars that should be on your shopping list, in Jacobson’s words…

 1 Renault Kwid

A cheap and cheerful little runabout faring well in terms of new-car sales, People in South African are more budget-conscious than ever before so, when budget-car shopping, the Kwid has to be a consideration.

2. Toyota Etios

Toyota is constantly top of the resale pops. The Etios hatch, sedan and Cross are reliable and it is supported by a widespread dealer network.

3. Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is a South African icon – hugely popular in the new- and used-vehicle market.

4. Kia Picanto

The Picanto is a terrific little city car that has a decent interior, good road manners, and attractive styling. Running costs are reasonably low and they comes with a comforting five-year/unlimited distance  warranty. Such factors combined to offer a sought-after vehicle.

5. Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is one of the most popular hatches in South Africa and favoured by used-vehicle buyers because of its design which is attributed to Peter Schreyer, who joined Kia in 2006 as its head of design. He took the brand, until then seen as a budget make, and transformed it into a highly desirable commodity.

Kia has also won a number of quality accolades, which sits well with new- and used-0car buyers.

6. Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Solid, quiet, well-built, and a brilliant ride – a quality buy. It’s also extremely safe, as shown by the fact that it won the Best Safety Award at the 2019 Car of the Year awards. It was also a finalist in the 2019 South African Car of the Year contest.

7. Volkswagen Golf

The benchmark in its sector. The Golf is a perennial South African favourite, a premium, safe, superbly built, spacious, and elegant car. It’s a vehicle extraordinarily popular for decades and its popularity shows no sign of waning.

8. Datsun Go

The Go is yet another budget car and, much like the Kwid (to which it is closely related), is proving very popular among buyers of new and used buyers. Since late 2018, when driver and front passenger crash bags and anti-lock brakes became standard across the range, the Go has become an even more enticing proposition.

9. Volkswagen Up

A desirable and stylish city car – assets shown in the vehicle’s resale value. Many cars in its price range have had to reduce expectations – but not the Up. Is it inexpensive? Yes – but, in its case, cheap is definitely not nasty.

10. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I wasn’t surprised to see the C-Class fare well… it’s long been extremely desirable in the used-vehicle market. Its always hard to say why any particular car fares well in the second-hand market – there are many factors such as running costs and dealer service. However, the C-Class is usually snapped up quickly at auction,

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