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Shanghai F1’s 1000th race: but by what definition?

LONDON, England – Formula 1 is about to run its 1000th race in Shanghai, China. Depending on how you do the calculation…

Some say the racing apex has had problems with anniversaries: various statisticians, Reuters reports, have disagreed about how many starts there have been. Indeed, several race ”winners” never drove an F1 car

Here’s how the recorded history goes dow:

1950 to 1960: 11 races in all and the American Indianapolis 500 was included very few F1 drivers. US drivers racers took all the points and raced to their own rules.

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Bill Vukovich finished seventh in the 1953  F1 championship, sixth in 1954, after winning the Indy 500 in those years but racing in no other rounds.

His death in the 1955 Indy technically made him the first driver killed while competing in a F1 championship race. Sadly, many more were to come…

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