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Opel Corsa goes back to its roots with new Corsa GSi

2019 OPEL CORSA GSi: Image: Opel

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – A three-door Opel Corsa GSi will join the range offered in South Africa from May 2019 with some tweaks to make the cars ”worthy of the GSi badge”.

Opel rates the car as heading towards sport luxury territory with a power train focused on daily driving, thus following a trend of ”gently distancing the new GSi badge from its previous pure-performance roots”.

The two-door hatchback has a turbo’d 1.4-litre engine and a short-ratio, six-speed, gearbox to Opel SA says, ”deliver outstanding punch in second and third gears”. No data about power or torque was given.


Also standard are sport suspension and brakes (red calipers!) set up on the Nürburgring for ”precise and agile handling and sudden braking”. The package rides on 18” rims/tyres.

”The GSi,” Opel says, ”has a sporty design emphasised by large air scoops,  sculptured bonnet, rear spoiler and moulded sills.  The facia has a large honeycomb grille centred by an Opel flash badge flanked by wings.

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”The prominent spoiler on the rear edge of the roof creates additional downforce and the sporty chromed tailpipe is framed by the vibrant design of the rear apron in body colour.”

2019 OPEL CORSA GSi: Image: Opel

The cabin has a number of upmarket features: leather upholstery on the Recaro performance seats, a sport steering-whee, leather-clad gearshifter and aluminium pedals.

Claimed fuel consumption: About 6.2 litres.100km


Price: R365 900. Ask the dealer to explain any warranties / guarantees – neither was supplied with the media information.

2019 OPEL CORSA GSi: Image: Opel


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