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Telematics: A weapon you can use to fight back fuel taxes

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – The latest budget speech, as expected, warned of higher fuel levies (read, taxes!) which will add R1.34 to a litre of petrol and R0.81 to a litre of diesel. Not only that, but a ”carbon tax” will also be added.

All that means that filling a 50-litre vehicle fuel tank will – apart from the fuel itself – cost almost R300 more. No matter what the extra might be called, it will be going into the bottomless pit of government revenue.

The managing director of Legratron Electronics, Itumeleng Matshego, believes there is at least one way everybody’s fuel bill can be contained – by up to 15%. It’s called ”telematics” and the idea is to avoid harsh braking and acceleration, speeding, driving with the engine spinning at more than 3000rpm – and excessive idling.


Matshego went on: “Vehicle telematics can be an important tools to cut fuel burn and give fleet managers driver performance reports to define fuel consumption and possible collisions.”

For ordinary folk, too, here are three main driving habits to reduce fuel consumption:

Practice economical driving: Telematics can identify fuel wastage and and how to reduce it. Fleet managers can use telematics to correct  problems and invoke measures such as training.

Better route planning: Telematics can track vehicles to improve routing and dispatching. Matshego explained: ”You can eliminate unnecessary trips, help drivers to avoid clogged roads. Telematics can use route-planning to, for instance, send a driver/vehicle  urgently to a customer.”

Reduce unauthorised usage: Telematics can monitor the use of company vehicles for private use and reduce drivers wasting time and resources by taking unnecessarily long routes.”

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