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Sleek Nissan Sylphy turning heads at Auto Shanghai 2019

  • New from Nissan: a car with a strange name
  • Sylphy – slim, low, streamlined – figures
  • All-new five-seater, brand-new engine 
2019 NISSAN SYLPHY. Image: Nissan Japan

SHANGHAI , China – The all-new Nissan Sylphy was unveiled today (Aprl 16) at the 2019 Shanghai auto show with what its maker described as a sporty new look and equipped with the latest Nissan ‘Intelligent Mobility’ technology involving more connectivity, comfort, and confidence.

It also has what Nissan describes as ”a new and more fuel-efficient power train, a wider stance, a lower centre of gravity, improved aerodynamics and a roomy, luxurious, cabin.

The Corner is waiting for Nissan SA to tell us if/when the car might be expected in Azania…

Seamless connectivity features and a full suite of active crash protection/avoidance gear are also present.

Daniele Schillaci, executive vice-president with Nissan Motor, said: “The all-new Nissan Sylphy represents the full landing of ‘Intelligent Mobility’ in China. With an even more stylish design and advanced connectivity and safety technology the Sylphy gives customers a whole new level of confidence and excitement.”

2019 NISSAN SYLPHY. Image: Nissan Japan

The lower profile and streamlined exterior, the automaker says, contribute to drag coefficient of 0.26 – equal to that of the Nissan GT-R and signature Nissan features include a black grille with a three-dimensional V-motion design. ”The profile is lean to create a sense of motion even when parked.

Under the bonnet is a new engine and transmission though the media info didn’t go into detail. Steering, suspension, and body rigidity are said to deliver a ”more solid driving feel”.

2019 NISSAN SYLPHY. Image: Nissan Japan

The wide stance and long wheelbase allow for spacious cabin for five seated on ergonomic seats finished in black, light gray, or tan – that last with a diamond-stitched quilted pattern.

A central 20cm display and 19cm hi-def thin-film transistor monitor,which shows journey info from the car’s sensors.

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The Sylphy also has ”seamless” smartphone connectivity and accepts voice commands. Additional technology to assist the driver include ride control and emergency braking while crash avoidance/mitigation goodies include front collision warning, lane-keeping, cross-traffic and blind-spot monitors.

There are no immediate plans to bring the Sylphy to South Africa but, as Nissan SA told us, all new vehicles are evaluated for import.

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