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Meet the new Kwid on the block: Renault upgrades mini-SUV

  • Good spec for an entry-range vehicle
  • Looks like hatch, works like a mini-wagon
  • Frugal engine a must for today’s fuel bills
2019 RENAULT KWID: Around since 2016 but now with a few tweaks and a top-seller.  Image: Renault

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Renault’s entry-segment contender, the SUV-inspired KWID hatchback, has soared on the global sales charts since it was introduced with 20 000+ plus vehicles sold since its debut in November 2016.

The kwirky lighty Kwid, Renault SA says, was third, with 1069 sales, among South Africa’s 10 best-selling cars in February 2019.

Now the Kwid has gained value, the local organisation told The Corner, with the addition of anti-lock brakes (hmm, about time! – Ed) across all models – Expression, Dynamique manual, Dynamique AMT (automated manual transmission, we’d guess) , and Climber.

2019 RENAULT KWID: Model upgrades for cute French mini-wagon includes info screen and ‘mirroring’. Image: Renault

Together with the integration on some models of smartphone mirroring (a description common among automakers but incorrect because something ‘mirrored’ is the wrong way around and you really wouldn’t want your phone numbers back-to-front, hey?) using Apple Car Play or Android Auto.


Renault SA sees the Kwid as ”an innovative and affordable entry-level vehicle” biut one that overturns established entry-segment design cues ”thanks to its robust, stylish exterior plus a modern and inviting interior with generous cabin space as well as features from more expensive vehicles.

With its appealing design and array of equipment, the new KWID hatchback remains a viable offering which is sure to meet the needs of anyone looking to buy an entry-level car – especially as Renault says 4.4 litres/100km is possible.

2019 RENAULT KWID: Tell the ids to pack it in – but in a nice way because, rear seats down, the Kwid turns into a mini-wagon. Image: Renault

”Unprecedented” features in its segment include a 19cm touchscreen and satnav with Bluetooth USB, AUX and MP3 playback. Then there are a driver’s side crash-bag, airocn, power front windows, seat-belt reminder, remote central locking on each derivative.

CUTE AND COMPACT: Not only the car itself but also the three-cylinder, one-litre,, economical engine. Image: Renault

The whole Renault Kwid range comes, the automaker says, with a five-year or 150 000km mechanical warranty, a six-year anti-rust through  warranty, plus a two-year service plan with services every 15 000km.

The range is also delivered with a year’s comprehensive vehicle insurance.


Renault Kwid Expression 1.0-litre SCe – R134 900
Renault Kwid Dynamique 1.0-litre SCe – R144 900
Renault Kwid Dynamique AMT 1.0-litre SCe – R154 900
Renault Kwid Climber 1.0-litre SCe  -R154 900
Metallic paint – R2 522

2019 RENAULT KWID: Image: Renault

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