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How to give that ponycar its correct name – and year

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – A new spotter’s guide from Blue Springs Ford Parts here features many of the interesting design shifts made to the Ford GT over the generations.

The graphic gives insight into how to identify which model you’re looking at – the first generation or the latest iteration.

Kyle Harris, Director at Blue Springs Ford Parts, explained: “We all know that Ford GTs only get design changes about every five years. To all the Ford GT enthusiasts out there, we hope you enjoy the resource as much as we enjoyed making it.”

The Ford GT is a cult classic that pays homage to the race-winning GT40 of the 1960s, The 2005 GT was introduced with a style similar to cars that raced in Le Man’s decades earlier but, with an original showroom price of $150 000, Ford assembled only about 3500 of the financially exclusive supercars.


The 2019 model’s sticker says $500 000 and their Heritage Edition colours are those of Gulf Oil from the 1968-69 Le Mans winners and have a few other upgrades that price it even higher.

So, here are some highlights from the spotter’s guide:

• The 2005 GT’s dual round headlights sit behind a rectangular cover and oval mirror that offers a look similar to the GT40’s headlights.

• The original GT also has the same small spoiler and engine venting as the GT40.

• The 2019 Carbon Series sports this generation’s deployable large spoiler.

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Harris added: “Of course, if I actually saw a Ford GT in my mirrors or pulling up in the lane next to me, it might be difficult to start reviewing the specific design – it would be gone within seconds.”

Readers can share or publish the graphic with a link back to the original found here:

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