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JLR researching ways to make your car pay its way

  • ‘Smart Wallet’ tech to earn ‘crypto’ on the road
  • Credits for traffic, pothole, parking problems
  • Part of JLR ‘Destination Zero’ vision road checks
KEEPING WATCH ON YOUR CASH: Jaguar Land Rover is testing an in-car system for automatically gaining cash to pay for road/recharging needs. Image: Jaguar Land Rover

WHITLEY, England – Jaguars and Land Rover drivers in the UK could be earning cryptocurrency and making payments on the move using the associated brands’ ”connected car” services.

‘Smart Wallet’ tech will earn credits by enabling their car to automatically report traffic congestion or (big problem in England – Ed) potholes to satnav providers or local councils.

Redemption could then take care of coffee, toll roads, parking and smart charging for electric vehicles which, it is hoped, will end drivers hunting for coins or signing-up to pay for a variety of everyday services.

WATCH THIS video for more information

Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with the IOTA Foundation to harness ”distributed ledger” technology to make and receive payments. Unlike similar systems it requires no transaction fee and over time, it’s hoped, transactions will get faster across the entire network with perhaps 75-billion connected devices by 2025*.

Drivers could also top-up their ‘wallet’ through conventional methods and technicians in Shannon, Republic of Ireland, have already installed equipment in several vehicles.


The programme is part of JLR’s Destination Zero strategy towards zero emissions, no accidents and free-flowing traffic in which cars are integral as data gatherers. ”For example,” The Corner was told, ”the connected ‘Smart Wallet’ services will promote traffic flow with road  updates and alternative routes.”

The plan there to reduce exhaust emissions from stalled traffic.

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Russell Vickers, a JLR software developer, said: “The connected-car technology we are developing will add a Jaguar or Land Rover to a home or office. The cars will drive themselves – even to a recharging site – and pay while its owner is in a meeting.”


Nick Rogers, executive director of JLR’s product engineering, said: “Working with our engineering hub in the UK the team in Shannon is pioneering and testing this technology.

”JLR is embracing autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared mobility tech to make cars safer, cleaner and smarter.”

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