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2019 Ford Everest: Scaling new heights with new turbo engines

  • Refreshed design, better comfort and luxury
  • New turbo engines, 10-speed auto
  • Thatcham-spec alarm on all models
2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

PRETORIA, South Africa – Ford says it’s made its Everest seven-seater sport utility more appealing and upmarket with styling, suspension and feature upgrades and the two-litre bi- and single-turbo engines now in the Ford Ranger.

Ford says the wagons are its premium vehicle in the rapidly growing SUV market with a focus on quality, refinement and luxury, with exceptional space and practicality.

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

Doreen Mashinini, marketing manager at Ford Southern Africa, enlarged: “The Everest has given Ford an important foothold in the South African and global SUV segment as buyers seek versatile, family-orientated, vehicles for active lifestyles.


“We’ve raised the game with subtle, yet effective, cabin-styling updates – a more refined and luxurious cabin with new technology, superb comfort and ride refinement, and a revised suspension.

“The turbocharged engines and a new 10-speed auto transmission make a combination that sets benchmarks for performance and efficiency.”

The existing 2.2 and 3.2-litre Duratorq TDCi engines with a six-speed transmission will continue in some models.

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

New external features include a different grille with, Ford says, ”layers of three distinctive grille bars that exude exclusivity and luxury while presenting a sense of strength and robustness”.


The lower bumper now accentuates width with a connected horizontal beam ”that gives the Everest an even greater on-road presence”.

A 20” wheel rim has been introduced on the range-topping Everest Limited with a split-spoke design ”for a more upmarket and dynamic appearance”.

Ford says it has also ”upped the ante” in terms of overall quality and refinement and used a ”more purposeful execution” of colours and materials with ”stronger contrasting elements with the addition of the secondary grille texture against the chromed brightwork”.

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The accents move from a single-layer satin metallic to a two-layer glossy metallic paint to create a liquid-like feel. Wheel-rim accent paints have been made darker to accentuate their machine-cut alloy surface and add ”drama and a more premium look to the overall appearance”.

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

‘Diffused Silver’, Ford says, ”is a new and modern take on the typical luxury beige. It communicates toughness with its extra depth and also sophistication with its smooth Champagne highlights.”

What Ford calls ”an ebony environment” to change the cabin’s ambience. Detail and brightwork have been emphasised ”to align the cabin to the customers’ expectations for a premium SUV” and to ”add exclusivity to the Everest Limited with contrast stitching, chromed touches, perforated leather and high-quality paint”.

There’s also a new gear-shifter for the 10-speed auto transmission.

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

”One of the main defining features of the new Everest,” Ford SA says, ”is the introduction of the all-new two-litre bi- and single-turbo engines recently debuted on the Ranger.”


The bi-turbo engine used an ”innovative” set-up to improve low-end torque and high-end power while reducing fuel-consumption and exhaust emissions.

”A small high-pressure turbo,” Ford explains, ”works with a large low-pressure turbo, controlled by bypass valves according to engine revolutions.

”At lower revs the two turbos work in series, at higher revs the small turbo is bypassed.”

Maximum power from the bi-turbo engine is 157kW, peak torque 500Nm – improvements of 10kW and 30Nm respectively against the current 3.2 TDCi. The new engine is only available in the Everest XLT 4×2 and 4×4 and Limited models.

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

However, a new two-litre single-turbo unit, available for the XLT 4×2,  makes peak power of 132kW and 420Nm with as much as 340Nm from only 1250rpm. The current 2.2 Duratorq TDCi capable of 118kW/385Nm is available in the Everest XLS 4×2  and, in the XLT 4×4, lives a 3.2-litre, five-cylinder, TDCi engine tagged at 147kW/470Nm.

”The new 10-speed auto,” Ford says, ”has significant improvements in efficiency, fuel-consumption and all-round performance.”

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

The 10-speed architecture is said to reduce gaps in acceleration between gears and to improve performance at lower engine revs. Its electronic control will make sure the correct gear is chosen according to speed – including skip-shift and direct-downshift.


Gear position can be fixed according to surface, grip, and desired speed or certain gears temporarily deselected. Ford says an improvement in fuel-efficiency of up to nine percent in the case of the 2.0 bi-turbo / 10-speed auto is possible.

In the case of the 2.2 and 3.2 Duratorq TDCi engines, both units are matched to the existing six-speed automatic transmission.

Overall suspension compliance, Ford says, has been improved, according to engine and drivetrain configuration. Maximum towing capacity is 3000kg for the 2.2 TDCi, 3.2 TDCi and single-turbo models; the bi-turbo is 3100kg with a braked trailer.

For city use the Everest offers semi-auto parking and electric power for the steering. The Limited includes following cruise-control, pedestrian recognition, lane-keeping, blind-spot camera, tyre-pressure monitors, and auto-dipping headlights.

2019 FORD EVEREST: Image: Ford SA

Traction bonuses include stability and traction control, trailer sway control, and hill-start /descent assistance,

Ford’s pioneering SYNC variously offers connectivity and multimedia, voice control, satnav options, a 20cm touchscreen, two USB ports and Bluetooth and, of course, satnav.

Tracks4Africa is included in an updatable package for more than 20 African countries in Africa, free for five years, and operable in Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and isiZulu.

Cellphone integration is also offered.


2.2 TDCi XLS 6a/t 4×2 – R499 900
2.0 SiT XLT 10a/t 4×2 – R584 900
2.0 BiT XLT 10a/t 4×2 – R607 600
3.2 TDCi XLT 6 a/t 4×4 – R626 900
2.0 BiT XLT 10a/t 4×4 – R669 500
2.0 BiT Limited 10/at – 4×4 R741 100

…each with Ford Protect, comprising a four-year or 120 000km warranty, three-years of unlimited-distance roadside assistance, and five-year/unlimited distance no-rust-through warranty.

A six-year or 90 000km service plan is included. Service intervals 15 000km.

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