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Are you using these five tricks to beat the fuel blues?

  • Control the way you drive for fuel efficiency
  • Five in-car things to optimise your fuel burn
  • Smart technology to assist the way you drive

YOU CAN’T can’t control the cost of fuel but you can drive in ways to make filling the tank easier on your pocket. Here’s how, read on…

Modern cars come with technology that can make your drive easier and more fuel-efficient. Here are five in various Ford cars and commercial vehicles (and in many other brands…) that can reduce visits to the pump.

Adaptive Cruise Control

YOU MIGHT think cruise control was introduced to save wear on the sole of your right shoe but it can save fuel – and in two ways. On the open road the feature can maintain a fuel-efficient and constant speed.

For starters, braking and accelerating become less frequent as a set speed is maintained. Some systems have ”following radar” which slows your car to the speed of the vehicle ahead and maintains it without the driver’s input.


Sometimes drivers leave the engine running during short stops – at a drive-through, at traffic lights, waiting for the kids to come out of school – wasting fuel going nowhere.

Some cars, including Ford, will automatically stop the engine – perhaps at a traffic light – and restart it when the driver toes the accelerator pedal or lifts off the brake pedal.

Active Park Assist

HOW MANY hours have you spent searching for parking? Ford’s Active Park Assist can help to avoid driving around and burning fuel by assessing spaces, choosing one, and doing the parking.

”You’ll never have to second-guess a small parking space again,” Ford says.


EVER LOANED your car to friend or family and seen it returned with a depleted fuel tank? Ford’s MyKey won’t improve your friends’ manners but can encourage the stranger to drive more efficiently.

A programmed key can set limits on some in-car features: maximum speed, how far driven. Speeding wastes fuel whose burn increases rapidly at more than 80km/h. The guest driver won’t be able to override the set speed by accelerator pedal or cruise control.

SYNC®3 with Navigation  

DRIVING TO a new destination or road-tripping? Make sure you don’t clock unnecessary km by using a good satnav system, such as Ford’s  SYNC3 which can also display distance covered, trip time and distance-to-empty. Try to combine trips: starting an engine for many short trips chews fuel.

So, if you have to drive for errands, get as many accomplished as you can in one trip.

”With this in-car technology, Ford says, ”you’ll be able to control the way you drive, get more kilometres from your tank of fuel, and make your daily drive easier.

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