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Toyota US aiming to be Prime in fuel consumption data

  • 2020 Toyota Prius Prime: solution to fuel prices
  • Fifth seat now standard across range
  • Lots of web connectivity in revised hybrids

PLANO, Texas Toyota Prius Prime, here in the US, has been given a number of updates for 2020 and, its maker says ”remains the most efficient Toyota hybrid and one of the best options to protect drivers from rising fuel prices.

The vehicle will be available, – at least in the US – around the middle of 2019 with the LE model costing (in the US) $27 600, the XLE $29 500 and the Limited $33 500.

The automaker says the ‘Prime’ moniker is ”a natural fit” because the units are, it says, ”the most technologically advanced, best-equipped, Prius in the model’s nearly two-decades global history”.

It can run full electric or hybrid.

The upgrades, Toyota US says, include:

  • A fifth seat
  • Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM, and Amazon Alexa
  • Two USB ports for rear passengers
  • Black replaces the previously white accents
  • A sun-visor extender
  • Easier access to the rear-seat controls and relocation of seat heating buttons for front passengers
  • New grade strategy that offers LE, XLE and Limited Grades

Prius Prime, Toyota says, is the most efficient Toyota hybrid yet. When the main charge runs down if can still do 4.4 litres/100km, the latest US standard and is the brand’s lastest step to reach more-efficient mobility with less range anxiety.

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The manufacturer’s estimated 1000km total driving range raise the Prius Prime’s  efficiency bar from a new power train: dual-motor drive improves acceleration in EV Mode.

Wondering how much Americans can save? Enter your current one-way commute distance and Toyota US will crunch the numbers and estimate the annual savings (in the US at least) with a Prius Prime CLICK HERE 

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