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Fifi tops list of most popular names for Fiat’s baby 500

  • Fifi most popular pet name for a Fiat 500
  • Personalised name stickers for Fiat 500 owners
  • More than 3000 stickers already ordered


MILAN, Italy – With the recent announcement of the name for the latest arrival of the British Royal House of Windsor comes a competition to find the most popuar name for the latest Fiat 500 minicar.

The royal babe’s first name is (rather appallingly, in The Corner’s opinion) will be Archie. Fiat Italy, however, has found the most popular name for a Fiat 500 is Fifi and as part of the search more than 3000 personalised name stickers have been sent to Fiat owners.

Fifi was favourite but followed closely by Bella and Luigi.


The Italian automaker says the 500 continues to reflect people’s individual personality and style, allowing them to make their car as unique as themselves.

”Every Fiat 500,” its maker says, ”is as individual as the person who drives it.”

The top five names are:
1 Fifi
2 Bella
3 Luigi
4 Minty
5 Freddie

Owners can visit and enter the name of their car, then choose from a selection of 10 colours, and Fiat will send them a personalised and free 500 sticker.


John MacDonald, Mopar service, parts parts and customer care director, told The Corner in a media release: ”The fantastic response we are having from 500 owners shows how the Fiat is so much more than a car to its owners.

”It becomes a member of the family.”

MacDonald concluded “With the birth of the Royal baby, I predict the popularity of Archie will increase.”

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Owners have until June 30 2019 to claim a personalised Fiat 500 name sticker. After that stickers will be available for a small cost (terms and conditions apply).

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