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Global launches soon: New ‘small’ SUV from Kia

  • Kia to reveal new small SUV globally
  • ‘Traditional’ SUV – but built as a compact package
  • Modern design for millennial generation
COMING SOON, GLOBALLY: Kia Motors’ new small – but fashionable – SUV. Image: Kia Motors

SEOUL, South Korea – Kia Motors has  revealed the first images of a small SUV due for world release around the middle of 2019 with the space and capabilities of a traditional, but small, SUV.

It’s said to have a ”modern and urbane design” inspired by the 2019 Kia SP Signature Concept, and to stand apart from rivals by catering with what the automaker sees as ”the unique preferences and needs of the millennial generation”.

It’s said to have the robust design character of a normal SUV but with ”sophisticated” exterior design that includes a proportionately long bonnet, a ”strong and sophisticated” character line on the front bumper, and sharp lines defining the shell.

COMING SOON, GLOBALLY: Kia Motors’ new small – but fashionable – SUV. Image: Kia Motors

Kia adds: ”Its strong shoulder line, matched with a glasshouse which tapers towards the rear, and a rear bumper with a metallic exhaust effect lends the car an air of understated sportiness.”

It also follows the current switch to diode headlights that, in this case, ”bring a sense of luxury to its exterior design. The lights have a three-dimensional light graphic and a diamond pattern at their trailing edges.

The general design is continued at the vehicle’s rear.

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Byung Chul Juh, head of styling at Kia, told The Corner in a media release: “We”ve created a car that stands out everywhere, city to countryside. Its robust, yet sporty, design will be matched by a wide range of features and technology universally suited to younger buyers around the world.

”Our new small SUV is unmatched in its class.”

The automaker sees the SUV as fulfilling the needs of customers in every region and will go on sale first  in Korea in the second half of 2019. Sales in other regions will follow.

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