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Speed-freak Eisenberg burns up beach to top records

READY TO RUMBLE: Zef Eisenberg and his modified Porsche all ready to set record on South Wales’ Pendine Sands. Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – Record-breaker Zef Eisenberg has raced into the history books with speed records on the vast Pendine Sands on Britain’s South Wales coast.

He scored:

  • Fastest sand speed record yet achieved by a wheel-powered vehicle at 534km/h.
  • Fastest flying quarter (one way) wheel-powered record at 427km/h
  • Fastest flying mile (one way) wheel-powered record at 317km/h.
  • Fastest Flying mile (2 way) – matching a record set by Sir Malcolm Campbell)
  • Only person in history to have achieved more than 320km/h on a motorcycle and in a car on Pendine Sands
  • Only person in history to have achieved a flying mile record on a motorcycle and in a car in Britain.

Eisenberg, better known for his motorcycle speed records, set a two-way average of 303km/h in his MadMax 895kW, road-legal, Porsche 911 Turbo specially built and prepared by ES Motors and his MadMax race team.

The record supersedes the Wire’ star Idris Elba’s ‘flying mile’ speed record (290km/h set at Pendine in 2015 and emulates his hero – Sir Malcolm Campbell, who first set the record at Pendine Sands in 1927 (282km/h) in the iconic Blue Bird – a record that stood for nearly 90 years.


The ‘Speed Freak’ racer successfully secured four new records in total, smashing his own top speed of 322km/h at Pendine in May 2018 and 295km/h flying mile record set by Zef in April 2019 on his supercharged Hayabusa motorbike, making him the only person in history to hold the flying mile and fastest speed records in both bike and car at Pendine.

mad max record pos 2

A jubilant Eisenberg said “a huge thank you to ES Motors and my own MadMax team for working tirelessly on the extensive Porsche preparation, engine build and tune, to ensure we had the engineering and power to achieve this very challenging record.”


The Porsche was originally a standard 2014, 410kW 911 Turbo. The MadMax team built a bespoke 4.1-litre race engine with new internals, gearbox, clutch and drive shafts, along with an upgraded E85 fuel system and sophisticated charge cooling set-up to stop engine detonation.

A lot of work was done to ensure that the monstrous power would come in as progressively as possible to limit wheelspin on the loose sand. To cope with such an extreme output, the PDK transmission had to be upgraded and the suspension lifted to allow adequate ground clearance.

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Apart from a full roll cage, competition seats, and crash harness, the Porsche’s interior is standard – your friend on sand. It’s about stability – putting enough weight on the tyres to increase traction.

“The Porsche behaves very differently on sand than tarmac,” Eisenberg.”

Eisenberg is elated to have secured this record:, “Pendine has such an illustrious history. Racers have been flocking here since the 1900s trying to set speed records. The world land speed record heroes of yesteryear ‘such as Malcolm Campbell and J.G. Parry-Thomas (in the air) have all raced here.

”It really is the Holy Grail of land speed”.

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