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Sport-car Karma from hot and sunny California

VISION FROM KARMA:  The coming (in the US market) SC Vision. Image: Supplied

IRVINE, California – Southern California-based Karma Automotive has released “Making the SC1 Vision Car: Vision of the Future”, a short video that shows how the company’s design team completed the concept car in only nine months.

Karma’s SC1 Vision is part of its “Shanghai Big Three”, a trio of cars used to illustrate the company’s immediate, mid- and long-term future.

Along with the SC1 comes a new 2020 Karma Revero GT luxury electric vehicle expected to hit US showrooms towards the end of 2019, and a Karma GT designed by Pininfarina: the first result of a partnership with the Italian design house.

WATCH the SC Karma video

The SC1 is described as a signpost to Karma’s future, one that embraces full electrification. The roadster re-imagines Karma design language and shows the brand’s direction based on full BEV offerings at the company’s core.

The Karma SC1 Vision Concept features the best of some of tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies with Karma’s distinctive take on integration.

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