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New Mini Cooper Electric muscle-car in it for the long-haul long haul

  • Special trial and demo for electric Mini Cooper SE
  • Mini ‘muscle car’ doubles as Frankfurt airport tug
  • Take a look at the slow, but steady, demonstration
LITTLE BIG GUY: The electric Mini Cooper SE hooks up with a giant girlfriend – and pulls her. Image: BMW Mini

MUNICH, Germany – Silent, emission-free, but very powerful: the Mini folk are talking about their Mini Cooper SE Electric which will soon be on the world’s roads.

A recent “test programme” for the first batteries-only Mini was, the automaker says, equally unconventional: a foray to Germany’s Frankfurt airport to have a ”close-to-series-production” prototype execute a real show of strength.

The electric Cooper SE went straight into the role of an aircraft runway tug, its nominated ”trailer” a Lufthansa Boeing 777F freighter with an unladen weight of 150 tons – and the whole episode was caught on video.


The production was a collaboration between the airline and the automaker and has become the start of a number of social media videos portraying the Mini Cooper SE in what the automaker calls ”an exciting and entertaining manner”.

The variously-themed videos will continue until the car’s commercial launch. Serial production will start in England at Mini Oxford in November 2019, the car based on the Mini three-door shell and, Mini hopes, ” with the brand’s characteristic kart feeling, premium quality and expressive design”.

WATCH THE Mini hauling the long-haul Boeing

As such, the Mini Electric hopes to offer a new type of sustainable mobility defined by driving fun and individuality and ”reflecting consistent implementation of the BMW Group’s electrification strategy”.

The Mini (we wonder it they will name it ‘Sparky’) is the company’s first premium electric model since the BMW i3.

The Mini brand has been around for 60 years – it was launched in England – and Mini/BMW  sees the no-linger little car as ”a driving force for future drive technology”.

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The ongoing expansion of the range of vehicles with electric drive across its various brands and segments is one of the key areas through which the BMW Group hopes to shape mobility of the future.

In September 2018 the same aircraft provided the setting for what BMW called ”a rather special vehicle showcase” – the BMW Vision iNEXT World Flight. For five days media folk were allowed to view the BMW Group’s latest vision vehicle at five venues variously in Munich, New York, San Francisco and Peking.


In preparation for this, Lufthansa Cargo and BMW Group specialists converted the most efficient freight aircraft of its class into an exclusive, airworthy presentation platform for the BMW Vision iNEXT.

The production Vision iNEXT will be produced at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing from 2021 as the latest BMW Group technology flagship, boosted by a number of innovations that inlcude automated driving, connectivity, electrification and servicing.

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