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Fleet managers: Here’s how reduce repairs and downtime

GETTING TANKED: Saving on fuel and maintenance expenses can be facilitated with the use of telematics. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – South African businesses, according to efficiency management company are facing the growing demandson their budgets.

”Controlling the true costs of what you are doing,” the company says,” is a tool to help business fleets reduce overheads – perhaps by as much as 10%.”

Below are ways, Telematics says, to cut business outlays…

Save on fuel

INTERNATIONAL oil prices and the unpredictable rand/dollar exchange rate could have resulted in a small decrease in the petrol price in June (2019) but ”carbon tax” has been added (June 2019) a 1c increase on petrol but 24c on diesel – upon which most of South Africa’s freight movement depends.

Legatron Telematics MD Itumeleng Matshego says telematics data can identify drivers who fail to drive economically: “You can use this data to implement training or discipline to improve drivers’ behaviour.

”Geo-fencing (the concept of keeping corporate vehicles within a certain distance of their garage) technology can also save fuel through route planning or by diverting the nearest vehicle to a customer.”

Save on the cost of crashes

EVEN A BUMPER bashing can have serious consequences for a company. “Telematics data can identify problem drivers and decide how to improve things. Fewer crashes save on the cost of repairs and vehicle downtime. You might also avoid the tragedy of a serious accident.”

Save on maintenance

KNOWING WHEN bad driving habits develop will also save fuel and perhaps avoid a collision.

“Harsh acceleration or braking and incorrect clutch control drive up maintenance costs,” Matshego adds. ”Fleet managers without data about their drivers’ driving habits will be replacing brake pads, tyres, and clutches more frequently.

“Conversely, identifying such behaviour will prevent costly maintenance and extra-normal servicing and repairs. It can also help to avoid downtime.”

Optimise the use of resources

Telematics data provides accurate graphs of how and when  vehicles are being used. “You can reduce time wasted by drivers who take unnecessarily longer routes, use company vehicles and time for personal reasons, or use ineffective route planning.

”A geo-fence will report if a vehicle is being misused, reduce wasted resources and time when responding to unexpected customer requests, by determining which vehicle can respond fastest.

”It can also indicate that, even though Driver A is nearer, Driver B can face less traffic. It’s essential to reduce expenses wherever possible.

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