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SA Nissan Navara build promises ‘jobs for hundreds’

  • An estimated 1200 jobs across the value chain
  • Investments to grow for local component suppliers
  • Five new black-owned suppliers to be developed

ROSSLYN, Gauteng – Nissan will boost employment in South Africa with local production of the next Navara bakkie poised to create an estimated 1200+ jobs in the automotive sector.

SA’s president Cyril Ramaphosa has already conceded that the automotive industry is an essential part of the South African economy – especially with Nissan to assemble, for the first time, the full Navara model range.

He added at the build announcement scheduled for 2020  he said: “The sector will be a catalyst to development and inclusive growth.”


The plant’s extra production, Nissan said, would increase vehicle production by more than 50%.

A two-shift operation will be required which alone will add 400 jobs, the automaker said and ”hundreds more vacancies will be created within the broader industry and, specifically, the local component supplier chain.

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Nissan Group Africa’s MD Mike Whitfield explained: ”Nissan has a deep understanding of the need to invest in skills development – not only for our benefit through having a skilled workforce but also to benefit the eager young minds in South Africa among those seeking opportunities to improve themselves.”


The Automotive Industry Development Centre has built a training centre at the Rosslyn plant through which a five-year training/mentorship programme will be offered to equip entrepreneurs with skills needed to run their companies.

AIDC’s Dineshan Moodley told The Corner in a media release: “Programme hopefuls will undergo a rigorous selection process of interviews and a two-day assessment using psychometrics, role-play and a case study,

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“Successful candidates will be taught about assembly-line layout, process optimisation, efficiency improvement, housekeeping, finance management, staff management, payroll, taxation and cost  and quality management.”


So far eight local suppliers have been developed; five more are coming.

Teams from Nissan Japan will work with local suppliers to supply components through technical support, training and skills exchange.

Whitfield again: “We want to localise more to grow South African vehicle production while transforming the country’s automotive value chain.”

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