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Seeing is believing? MasterDrive’s course will change your perceptions

OPENING TIME: Most of us enjoy a beer, at home or in a pub, yet not only families but also employers suffer when things go wrong on the way home. MasterDrive has a programme that will alter your perception of the road… later. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Over Easter 2019 South Africa saw a commendable 48% decline in the number of road deaths against the previous year – which was commendable. No so good was that 807 drivers were arrested for driving with more than the legal alcohol limit.

A large portion of the population still persists in this dangerous activity despite extensive awareness campaigns, more public transport, and drinking and driving becoming a social no-no

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, told The Corner: “Drink-driving affects driving behaviour in many ways – one of them being a severe change in vision.


“MasterDrive understands it’s near impossible for the mind of a sober person to fully comprehend how much their vision is reduced when inebriated so because of that we’ve imported ‘Alcohol Impairment Goggles’ so drivers can see, while sober, what they will see after a number of alcoholic drinks.

”It’s an experience many people struggle to accept.”


The opportunity for drivers to experience this essential lesson, Herbert says, needs the assistance of corporates to become reality.

“Given the number of road-safety activities within corporates, as safety initiatives, these organisations have some of the greatest power to effect change with road safety initiatives.

”Consequently, we’re appealing to corporates to bring road safety into their organisations. By enlightening people’s understanding of the effects of alcohol has on driving can have you will be investing in the safety of your workforce.

”Corporates have the power to influence employees in their free time and bring them safely back to work on Monday.”

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Herbert believes road-safety initiatives needn’t be limited to drink-driving.

“We’ve developed activities that can change perceptions about dangerous driving. There’s a crash-restraint convincer that will show drivers how serious even a minor impact can be.

”The SkidMonster can show drivers what it feels like to lose control and how best to handle it.


“MasterDrive will, to encourage corporates to prioritise road safety, join the first six companies that contact us for their next safety day at no cost. We’ll show your employees what drink driving can do to your vision.”

The best way to learn is to fully grasp the consequences of your actions, Herbert insists,

”Joining us is better than learning the lesson when it’s too late.”

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