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VW launches extended e-Golf test drives in UK

  • Family test ‘lets e-Golf settle into lives’
  • UK sales initiative backed by TV ad campaign
  • Check the possible price – is the car worth it?
COMMITTED TO ELECTRIC: One of the electric VW Golf units charges-up for its first public road trials. Image: VW UK

MILTON KEYNES, England – Volkswagen UK has introduced flexible 48-hour test-drives for potential e-Golf buyers to give them an ”in-depth experience” of the brand’s new all-electric hatchbacks.

Customers will be able to collect a car from a local dealer, get to know it, and return it after two days.

”The move,” VW UK says, ”is the latest in a string of initiatives we’ve introduced to encourage people to experience our range of electric vehicles – which for now focuses on the e-Golf and the forthcoming ID.3 – the latter expected to launch early in 2020.”


The e-Golf prices start (in the UK) will start at the equivalent of about a half-million rands and will have a potential range of about 230km. Handily, the e-cars are exempt from the UK’s congestion and zone charges raked from oil-based fuels. They also don’t pay the UK road-licence taxes.

Volkswagen also recently launched an electric vehicle section on its website devoted to informing customers about its electric and electrified vehicles.

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The section also has information about EV ownership and allows orders for the ground-breaking ID.3 as its world premiere approaches.

Tim O’Donovan, VW UK’s EV marketing manager, told The Corner in a media release: “The charm of the e-Golf is that it has all the talents of the familiar Golf hatch – but with battery propulsion.”

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