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World’s best four? Affalterbach, of course!

AFFALTERBACH, Germany – With its output of up to 310kW the completely new Mercedes-AMG two-litre M139 engine is claimed to be the world’s most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine in series production.

With this engine Mercedes-AMG has even exceeded the previously most powerful M133 engine by 30kW and max torque has increased from 475-500Nm. With an output/litre of as much as  155kW, the new Mercedes-AMG high-performance turbo engine even ranks ahead of many well-known supercar engines.


”The new, highly efficient engine,” AMG says, ”is assembled on an innovative production line in Affalterbach on the long-standing ‘One Man, One Engine’ principle.”

The four-cylinder engine is available in two output versions for the compact models of Mercedes-AMG: with 310kW for the S-model and 285kW in the base version.

”This product policy logic,” AMG says, ”has already proved successful in the V8- powered AMG Performance models, and more closely meets customer wishes.”


Apart from its performance figures, the new engine impresses with its immediate response. To this end, the torque curve was carefully balanced with “torque shaping”: peak torque for the base version is available from 5000-5250rpm.

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