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Fiesty Fiat 500 range hits three-million sales in Europe


THREE-MILLIONTH FIAT 500: mage: Supplied

MILAN, Italy – Yet another record for Fiat’s superbabycar,  the 500, and its sisters the 500L and 500X and which is constantly growing and evolving to satisfy an increasingly diverse clientele in terms of age, tastes and mobility needs

The three-millionth member of the 500 family to be sold in Europe was a new and exclusive Fiat 500C Star and it set yet another record for the family that’s won buyers with the iconic 500, the versatile 500L ideal for young families, and the 500X bred for its street-smart attitude.

The cars have, particularly, won hearts outside of Italy in Britain, France, Germany and Spain – though, aptly, its greatest number of lovers is in Italy.


The record-breaking 500 (pictured above) is a convertible sporting a Stella White livery embellished with pink hues and exclusive new black-and-white interiors with (does Fiat mean faux) eco-leather embroidered with the 500 logo.

The automaker, we’re told, believes its Fiat 500 has broken the traditional rules of its market with a small city car becoming a global triumph of fun while maximising freedom of choice and use. And, as if that wasn’t enough, has another two siblings – two range-topping versions badged as Star and Rockstar.

Also selling well in Europe is the latest 500X, – a model refreshed in September 2018  but still among Europe’s top 10 after five years. It was the first Fiat to have the innovative FireFly Turbo 1.0 and FireFly Turbo 1.3 engines.

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The stretched 500L ”family” model, refreshed only in 2017 and into which lovers migrate after wedding bells, is described as ”an ideal answer to modern couples-plus-family”, completes the 500 catalogue with its space, technology, and sheer personality.


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