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Nissan Titan ranked top Large Light Duty Bakkie by JD Power

NISSAN TITAN: Only in the US, but we figured you would like to know… Image: Supplied

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The strength of Nissan’s dedication to new vehicle quality showed across the board in the 2019  JD Power US Initial Quality Study – led by the huge Nissan Titan full-size bakkie.

”The Titan,” Nissan reported, ”was ranked not only the best performer in its trjuck segment with 66 problems per 100 vehicles but also tied for seventh in fewest overall problems among all 257 vehicles studied.”

Nissan US had no models in its car, truck, crossover and SUV ranges with more than 100 PPH and performed better than the industry average for the fourth consecutive year.

NISSAN TITAN: It was ranked top Large Light Duty bakkie by JD Power. Image: Nissan US

For 2019, Nissan US moved up one spot to fifth (Non-Premium). Since the 2015 model year, Nissan has improved by 35 PPH

JD Power measures initial quality by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles during the first 90 days of ownership – the lowest number representing highest quality.

Health Holtz, a senior Nissan US vice-president, told The Corner in a media release: “It’s rewarding to see Nissan’s continuous improvement in the Power study over the past few years.

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”It’s especially good to see the Titan and Maxima win their IQS categories for 2019. Initial quality is one important metric for our manufacturing team’s performance but the pursuit of excellence across the Nissan ranges never stops.”

The Titan has a powered by a 300kW, 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine spinning a seven-speed auto transmission and is available with two- or all-wheel drive under as a Crew Cab, King Cab pr single-cab.

DOING IT IN THE DUST: The Nissan Titan is one very big bakkie for the US market. Image: Supplied

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