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Meet the Seltos: Another smart SUV from the House of Kia

  • Seltos ‘brings sophistication to compact SUVs’
  • Powered by Smartstream petrol or diesel engines
  • Class-leading high-tech,  range of features
2019 KIA SELTOS: New compact SUV from the House of Kia. It’s for global distribution though assembled in Korea and India. Image: Supplied

SEOUL, South Korea – The new Kia Seltos, the automaker says, brings sophistication, assertiveness and cutting-edge technology and safety features to the global compact SUV segment.

The vehicle: the Seltos, shown for the first time in June 2019 at a special event in Delhi, India and Kia SA says the SUV’s will reach the bottom of Africa in early 2020.

The Seltos will be assembled for various regions at two Kia plants, one in India and the other in South Korea. Where the name comes from is not yet known…

Kia plans to commence retail sales in India through the most dealers yet seen from a new-car entrant into the market. Kia has also partnered with India’s eight leading financial institutions to offer comprehensive financial services to customers across the country.

KIA SELTOS: New compact SUV from the House of Kia. It’s for global distribution though assembled in Korea and India. Image: Supplied

The all-new Kia Seltos is characterised by distinctive design details, lending the compact SUV an air of understated sportiness.


It combines forward-looking technical features, class-leading space, and a suite of world-class safety features, underpinned by a choice of highly-efficient Smartstream petrol and diesel engines.

Han-Woo Park, Kia Motors’ president and CEO, told The Corner in a media release: “The Seltos is an important car for Kia. It will play a central role in the expansion of our global footprint.

”It’s intended for youthful, tech-savvy buyers and is packed with our most cutting-edge technology and crash-avoidance/survival equipment.”

Whether it will reach South Africa remains to be seen.

”The Seltos,” Kia adds, ”stands apart from its rivals thanks to a sophisticated, sporty design and the space and abilities of a traditional SUV – all in a compact package.”

KIA SELTOS: New compact SUV from the House of Kia. It’s for global distribution though assembled in Korea and India. Image: Supplied

The Kia signature tiger’s nose grille is present but proportionately wider and its shoulder line and glasshouse shape which tapers towards the rear where the bumper with its metallic muffler is said to ”accentuate this dynamic appearance”.


The head- and tail-lights have diode illumination LED – along with daytime running lights and foul-weather lights.

There’s a choice of 16, 17 or 18” crystal-cut alloy wheel rims shod, respectively, with 205/60 R16, 215/55 R17 or 235/45 R18 tyres.

The cabin, Kia says, uses ”high-quality, futuristic materials”.

”It’s intended for youthful, tech-savvy, buyers,” Kia adds. (How I hate ageism in media releases!) ”The cabin is characterised by broad, sweeping, shapes and highly technical details with technology to maximise convenience and connectivity.

”The bold design of the cabin incorporates, in some models, a 30cm touchscreen infotainment system and mood lighting.”

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In some models a 20cm head-up display behind the steering-wheel shows relevant driving information, including a comprehensive satnav program.

Higher-specced units will have a Bose audio system.


Each power train – conventional or turbo petrol or diesel – use Kia’s Smartstream technology and, depending on market, up to three auto transmissions – one of them a seven speed, dual-clutch unit. Alternatively, there’s a six-speed auto or a continuously variable transmission .

A ‘Drive Mode Select’ system allows the driver to choose a driving style –  ‘Normal’, ‘Eco’ and ‘Sport’.

Six crash-mitigation bags are standard, along with stability and traction control, and ABS, hill-start assistance and parking radar.

COMING SOON! The all-new KIA Seltos is expected to make its South African debut in early 2020. Image: Supplied


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