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Datsun helps you stay cool by winter-proofing your car

  • How to chill during winter driving
  • Datsun lists preparations for chilly days
  • …and don’t forget long-life snacks
2019 DATSUN GO: They’re sold partly equipped for winter but for peace-of-mind read this further advice on being cool in the winter months. Image: Datsun SA

ROSSLYN, South Africa: Freezing weather in Gauteng, storms in the Western Cape and no doubt you’ve hauled out your winter clothing for protection.

But what about your car?

It, too, is owed a little extra protection during the chilly months and Datsun has put together a few tips and tricks to maintain your car in winter that should keep the both of you going.

So read on… some you might know, others perhaps not…


WORN TYRES are even more dangerous in rain so take a close look at those on your car or, better, stop by a tyre retailer/fitter on your way home from work. Check not only the tread but also their inflation pressure and have a tyre shop check that your wheels are correctly balanced – including the spare.


IN WINTER MANY many of us leave from and return to our homes before dawn and after sunset. So… make sure your car’s headlights are in good working condition to make yourself visible to other road users.

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The Datsun GO has a warning sound to remind you to switch them off when your park to avoid discharging the car’s battery.

Windscreen and wipers

YOU MIGHT FIND frost on your windscreen in the mornings so clear it before you start driving. DO NOT use warm or hot water – the glass is also chilled and suddenly heating a section of it  might crack the glass.

It is also important to regularly check the condition of your wiper blades – all year round, but especially in winter – and to replace them when needed.


YOU DON’T WANT to get stuck in a traffic jam without a working heater and screen demister so make sure yours is in tip-top condition.


YOU NEVER KNOW what’s in store (at any time of the year!) so have a first-aid kit in your car at all times. Especially in winter, include a torch, a blanket, a bag of sand (in case you get stuck in snow or slush), an ice scraper (for the windscreen) and brush, a spade, extra coolant, and non-perishable snacks.

Programme emergency numbers on your speed dial. Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity are included in the Datsun GO to make it easy to dial these numbers should you come across (or even become) an emergency on the road.

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