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Expert data: How to cut your petrol/diesel spend

  • How to choose best price, litres/100km
  • Top-eight pick from an industry expert
  • Prices based on late-model auctions

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – The petrol price is set to drop by 95c a litre during July (2019) and diesel by 75c but, say some folk, South Africans are still reeling from fuel prices.

One way of dealing with this is the purchase of a fuel-efficient, economical, car. But which vehicle is best? Here, perhaps, is one way…

Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, believes he and his organisation have winnowed out the eight best buys if fuel economy is important.

Data pertains to vehicles that have done between 50 000 and 150 000km. They were registered from 2014 to 2019, inclusive.

“We’ve gone through our database and found the top eight vehicles for resale value and fuel economy. South African vehicle owners who want to reduce their fuel spend should consider them.”

True Price has data about thousands of vehicles sold on bank repossession auctions, information which can provide potential buyers with free vehicle evaluations. The figures in brackets behind each vehicle reflect the actual price paid at auction (as a percentage of the vehicle’s original retail price). All the comments and fuel consumption data are from Jacobson…

1. Volkswagen Tiguan (resale value 61.75%)

This family sport utility is a real quality act, which boasts a spacious interior and faultless build quality. Jacobson says the pick of the range is the Tiguan 2.0 TDI Comfortline which starts at R505 800. It claims 5.2 litres/100 km.

2. Ford Fiesta (resale value 60.08%)

“The Fiesta is one of the best Ford vehicles. It looks great inside and out, the ride is refined, it’s brilliant to drive.” Pick of the range is the Fiesta 1.5 TDCi Trend, which costs from R305 100. It claims 3.3 litres/100 km.

3. Toyota Corolla (resale value 59.13%)

”When somebody wisely buys one of these incredibly well-built vehicles, chances are excellent that everything will keep going right.” It’s among the most reliable on the market, is supported by a well-trained dealer network. The pick of the range is the Corolla 1.4D Esteem which costs from R315 100. It claims 4.5 litres/100 km.

4. Suzuki Swift (resale value 58.98%)

“I just love its looks but it’s more than just a good-looking car. “Spacious, well-equipped, fun to drive.” Prices start at R160 900 but each has the same 1,2-litre engine. It claims 4.9 litres/100 km – manual or auto.

5. Nissan Qashqai (resale value 57.94%)

This vehicle is “slightly bolder” than traditional ”mom’s taxis” and has huge appeal on the auction floor. “Quiet and comfortable, the Qashqai is a practical and economical small crossover/SUV.”

Pick of the range is the 1.5 dCi Acenta, which costs from R418 900. It claims  4.2 litres/100 km.

6. Audi A1 (resale value 55.66%)

The A1 is extremely prestigious to drive, decidedly luxurious, despite its size. The A1 is reliable and extremely safe. A new A1 is en route to South Africa. ”I’m pretty certain the new range will be very economical – certainly there with  other models in our top eight.” No fuel data.

7. BMW 3 Series (resale value 49.90%)

3 Series is the top choice among South African millennials. “It’s a car with enormous prestige. The latest range is a benchmark in its segment, offering superb styling, engaging drive, brilliant handling.” Best pick is the 320d which costs from R649 000.  It claims 4.8 litres/100 km.

8. Opel Astra (resale value 45.38%)

A middle-of-the-road vehicle with wide appeal. “Composed ride, classy interior, good safety features, reasonable running costs.” Pick of the model range the 1.0T which costs from R301 049. It claims 4.4 litres/100 km.

If you would like a free vehicle price evalutation go to the True Price website.

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