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Take an Audi test drive even without a driving licence

  • First introduction of Audi virtual reality experience
  • Customer lounge open at Audi Centre Centurion
  • VR headset allows digitally detailed ‘demo drives’
FIRST HOME OF VIRTUAL CAR-PURCHASE: Audi Centre in Centurion, Pretoria, doesn’t bother with real cars much.. Image: Audi

PRETORIA, Gauteng – Audi, in what claims to be a first for the South African motor industry, has launched a virtual reality-enabled lounge in the suburb of Centurion to house a digital retail operation that can create a car ”configured to the last detail”.

A potential customer and a salesperson can use a digital operation that involves a virtual reality headset and a widescreen TV to present the whole Audi model range along with all options, colour combinations, packages and specifications.

More than 400 such lounges are already open around the world.

WHOLE NEW MEANING TO ‘GOGGLE BOX’: A potential Audi customer, with no real car nearby, gets all his information through a virtual reality set and a giant TV scree. Image: Audi

Customers can become virtually immersed into their proposed purchase, without seeing the actual vehicle on a showroom floor, in three dimensions and through 360 degrees with all light and sound. The interior can also be observed from every perspective, right down to the surface of the decorative inlays.


Trevor Hill, head of Audi SA, told The Corner in a media release: “Digitalisation is key part of Audi’s global corporate strategy – a great opportunity to introduce innovative technology in the automotive industry.”

Further, the VR headset can immerse people in the atmosphere of the Le Mans 24 Hours for an up-close experience during a pit stop alongside the crew of mechanics.

Audi expects to roll out the CPL concept to more dealers across South Africa in the coming years but for now the full, VR-enabled, Vorsprung experience is available at the newly revamped Audi Centre Centurion at 1016 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion, Gauteng.

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